I am a previous resident of the Starts With Love, clean and sober housing. I first remember meeting Stefanie and Aaron during a tour of their beautiful home. I was fresh out of treatment and very picky about housing. From the very beginning, they were very welcoming with support and love. I moved in the day after my tour. While living in their program I found so much support. All the house members were welcoming and caring, and we were a big family very quickly. I have missed the sense of security for many years during my addiction, so having comfort in the place I called home was joyful. While living there I got Covid and spent Christmas with one house member, shortly after I lost my best friend, Janna, to Covid. I have never experienced something so tragic and got through it clean and sober. I am truly grateful for Stefanie and the members of the house who sat with me and didn’t let me go through that alone. I moved out a few weeks later only because my son was returning to me and I could not have him live there. It’s not for children. If children could be approved, I know I would still live there today. I would recommend this program to anyone willing to give their recovery 100%.